The Best Place to Live - and Other Fairy Tales

Lists of the best places to live in the United States—and the best places to retire, the best places to raise a family, the best places to crochet, etc.—have been common for years now. You find them in magazines, in books and on the Internet. These resources can provide useful city guides that help people learn about great places to live in America. However...

"Best places" lists like these have places rated to such a degree that it can seem like there really is an absolute best place to live—for everyone. This cannot be true.

Find Your Best Place with the FindYourSpot Quiz!Finding your best hometown has as much to do with you as it does with the town. There are many different kinds of people with many different priorities and preferences. It only makes sense that there are many different "best places to live" to fit all of these people. That's why we built FindYourSpot.

Our fun quiz compares your unique priorities and preferences with our own huge library of information about great places to live in America. But even then we don't spit out one hands-down best place to live for you. We offer a list of two dozen great places—no numbering—that fit your answers.

And there's more: Get immediate access to our in-depth Reports for each of their Top Spots. These reports are written by an actual human and filled with useful facts, photos and insightful impressions. These city guides really introduce you to the character of a place, to give you the feel that can help you find your own best hometown. You won't find this level of in-depth coverage anywhere else.

We're confident that within those two dozen great places are a few that really will fit you—but it's your decision. Your hometown should be your favorite place, not some number-crunching computer's statistical champion. So try our quiz, read our Reports and decide for yourself about your personal best place to live.

Too good to be true? Nope. This is no fairy tale. Click here to start the quiz.


The FindYourSpot Team

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